Hey, would you ever sell one guitar to greatly upgrade another? The reason I'm asking is because at the moment I have 2 guitars: An old(er) '96 mim strat that i love, it has perfect neck and action and sounds great, and an 09 anniversary Schecter Hellraiser that while it's a great guitar, doesn't have the versatility that I'm looking for. What I'm asking is do you think it'd be worth it for me to sell the Schecter since I'd be able to upgrade my strat a lot to be almost perfect ( new trem, coil tap, killswitch, maybe even new neck/mid pups) or do you think it's best to have two guitars?
If you think it's worth it then go for it. I would. I'm looking to get rid of my B.C. Rich Warbeast One to buy another Jackson and possibly upgrade pickups in my current Jackson.
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If you were able to do a good job modding it (kwitch/trem etc) then yeah, I say go fir it, especially if you were disappointed with the guitar you're thinking of selling.

I wouldn't bother selling a guitar just to upgrade the pups of another - I personally would prefer the versatility of having 2 guitars. (But save up for changing up the pups of one.)
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from what you've said i'd say sell the schecter to upgrade the strat.
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Thanks for the opinions so far, I'll probably sell the Schecter, so rather that starting a new thread i'll ask here: Does anyone have any experience with the super vee trem or bladerunner? Or if you can give me suggestions for a new trem that'd be great too.

Thanks in advance