I don't have one because I honestly cba
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I haven't got one. I don't want one.
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Got mine at 16. Had my permit at 15. So, I've been driving LEGALLY for almost half my life (wow) and just straight driving for more than half. I'm 28 now. Probably put on between 1/3-1/2 a million miles already.
20 and i don't have one. i'm too twitchy and have no attention span for that sort of thing.
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I got mine at 16 2 weeks before my 17th birthday
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20 now, still don't have.
I was learning, but work got in the way, then I lost motivation
I have my provisional, purely for ID purposes. I've had 2 lessons, and really just refuse to spend my money on such shit.
I'd rather pay for my own house to live in, close to the job which pays for it...than pay for a car to drive all the way from my parents house to work, and have not much to call my own.
And petrol costs are a joke.
I live near the city so I don't really need one. And it's expensive to get lessons and to actually take the test and get a car and all of that stuff.
Here in civilized Scandinavia, you have to be 18 to get a driver's license. So I don't have one.
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I don't have a license, I'm gonna spend at least the next 4 years of my life in a city so it would be pointless
Not even old enough to drive.

I could drive a scooter, but I'm not hip or eccentric enough.
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I had my learners permit at 16 and got my full license the week I turned 17, which is the minimum age for a drivers license in New York City.

Then I got into my first accident around a month later.
I got mine recently back on my birthday in august. Passed with a 91
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I don't have one because I honestly cba

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I'm 21, I got mine on my 16th birthday.

My gf is 16 and a half and doesn't have hers, she kinda sucks at driving to her mom's not comfortable with her getting it yet.
I got mine after I killed a guy, took his drivers license and skinned his face to wear it as a mask. 50 years later and i still have to wear that damn mask anytime I go out for a drive
I get my permit at 16, then I can be eligible to test for my license when I turn 17.
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