*Links updated, should work now*

I'm checking out tuning machines for my custom build that I plan to start next year, i have pretty much everything decided (though nearer to the time, i'll probably make a couple more threads to check everything over).

I was thinking of using Schallers in gold, however i don't requre locking tuners as i will have a locking nut.

So what are the differences between these 4:

These seem to be the standard

Are these just the standard, but smaller?

I'm not sure about what the pin means?

I'm not sure what the difference between this one and the others are either,

Which would you recommend?
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links no work. but know that a pin is in place of screw that holds the tuner in the headstock. You have to drill a small, thin "dimple" in the neck. No big hole. So, its all up to taste and what you want to do. there are micro tuners.
They work for me?

Would you recommend me the standard?
And does anyone know where i can find them in the UK or somewhere abroad that ships to the uk for a reasonable price.

I can only find the mini's.

It says the mini's are designed for strats is there any reason for this (my custom build will have a warmoth strat neck).