Got some new pedals about a week and a half ago. Been banned so haven't had the chance to share But, I'm a good boy now and have been forgiven.

On to the pics and stuff!

I got an Electro Harmonix LPB-1. This thing is a beast. I wanted an overdrive pedal but I didn't want one that "emulates" the sound of a driven tube amp or adds it's own distortion in. This thing just basically shoves more power into the amp forcing it to increase in gain and a slight volume boost. It was pretty cheap at only £30. Very good buy.

Next is an Artec Power Wah. This thing is awesome for the price. About £35. It has an adjustable range which is cool. I much prefer it to my Crybaby. Solidly built, sounds nice and smooth. Not much else to say.

Then I have an Electro Harmonix Memory Toy. This is my least favourite pedal. Mainly because I haven't really explored it. It seems like a good pedal. I didn't want an overly complicated delay. Just something nice a simple. And this is that. It was about £30 again.

Finally, one of my favourite pedals... A Polytune Pedal Tuner. This thing is amazing. If you haven't got one, you definitely should look into it. Basically, you strum all the strings and it tells you which one is out so you can go straight to the out of tune strings instead of going through one by one. Makes tuning so much faster. It is extremely accurate too. The LED display is very bright and clear. You can go from E to B standard tuning. You can also use it as a conventional tuner if you need, without pressing a single button. Just pluck the string you need. Seriously, it's an amazing piece of kit. You definitely need one. It was the most expensive of all the pedals. It cost me about £65 but it is worth every penny.

I got them all from Thomann.de. That is a very cool site. Very easy to use. I shopped around before I got these pedals as I wanted to get them as cheap as possible. I added everything up and it worked out cheaper getting them all from Thomann.

And here's what I play them through...

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And why were you banned? Too much time in the pit?
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And why were you banned? Too much time in the pit?

The guitar's not new.

And yeah, I already had a warning for something then got a second warning, which resulted in my ban for posting a rather large [read: MASSIVE] "Me Gusta" picture in a thread about incest or something so you know... I had it coming. But let's not get off topic!
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