Hello everyone, I'm the editor for the Amped guitars section of Sonic State.

We're starting a fortnightly Youtube guitar series, and we are looking for ideas for content, and generally for ideas about what people would want such a show to consist of.

General format seems to be interviews, previews of new gear, discussions, advice for guitarists (best value pedals etc).

Considering this is a GEAR forum, what kind of stuff would you be interested in watching other than standard pedal or amp reviews etc. We're thinking along the lines of:

"Building pedal boards on a budget"
"What gear to buy if you want to sound like...(insert guitar legend here)

If any of you guys have any ideas about what you'd want such a show to tell you, then please let me know. We will of course thank all submissions and give the users credit for their opinions on the show.

And if you are thinking "What the hell is Amped?" Then check out sonicstate.com/amped
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The people reviewing the stuff actually having faith in the product.

Not having a cheesy chorus when demoing the clean sound of a guitar.

Actually know what you're talking about.

People who test a variety of music on the gear, instead of just one genre.

Maybe mentioning artists who use(d) that gear.

To be laid back and actually look like you're enjoying yourself.

BASICALLY, go watch Phil X on Fretted Americana's channel on Youtube. That is so much fun to watch. I've watched nearly every video of their's at least once.

AND just saying, this could be classed as advertising, so you might wanna take any web addresses out of your post.