Hey UG guys,

Essentially, I am the editor of guitar website that I will not name, as I'm not here to promote myself!

We usually specialise in reviewing guitars, pedals and amps etc.

We are starting a new fortnightly Youtube show, and we are looking to chat with guitarists online about their ideas for the show.

So if you were to tune into our show, what would you want to see? Seriously, this could be anything.

Current ideas seem to be along the lines of advice on buying gear, advice on how to mod cheap guitars to make them sound great, rundowns of the techniques and gear used by famous guitarists. etc etc.

We want as much of our content as possible to come from the minds of guitarists around the world, so if you have an idea, then please let me know in reply to this thread.


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Try to keep your sentimental opinions on guitars and gear out of your reviews. And be thoroughly educated on what your demoing and reviewing.

Also, check out some of the lesser known guitar brands that you won't find at a local music store, such as Carvin and Xavier for example. Do in-depth reviews on those guitars so people know what to expect from that manufacturer and how they stand up against the larger companies dominating the market.

Perhaps feature segments on different kit guitars and replacement necks/bodies so people can explore those options with less doubt in their mind.

Another thing that is always good is a budget guitarists way to achieve the sound and functionality of an expensive setup. For instance, the cheapest way to sound like Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, ect.

I can't think of anything else atm.
Myself I love the idea of some of the lesser known brands, or brands that just get a bad wrap reviewed with unbiased opinions. I have had Gibsons, and I've had epiphones, and granted the gibson models i've had have been cheaper ones, but I still feel that the epiphones have been better guitars for the money. It would be nice to see more people saying such things, and not just worrying about the price tag. Eastwood guitars, Dillions, some of them are hard to find reviews for. When I went to get my Dillion Big G it was hard to find a review that wasn't from someone that loved the brand, it would be nice to see some of these other brand guitars reviewed. I also don't know what you're companies budget is like, but it would be cool if you could get someone like phil x to do some of the reviews. I'm not saying it would have to be him, but he just seemed like a good example.
you might want to have like budget, mid-range and high end gear reviews and don't really compare them to each other. entry level gear is often reviewed against the rest of the field when that is not its reason for being made, it is made for entry level musicians. Sometimes the people reviewing entry level stuff totally kill the instrument because of gear snobbery. Granted, it is hard to pick up a starter pack guitar when you spend your days on a top end rig.
There are a lot of reviewers on youtube and on the internet that just turn on a camera and start talking. they give out info but in an unorganized or illogical way. Have a standard look and feel so you are easy recognizable and make the shot feel like the viewers are in the room with you. Maybe include what type of music the guitar or gear is best suited for, i see that is often lacking.
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