Hello all,
Most of the way through a strat build from mostly GFS parts
Everything has gone pretty well so far except the tremolo (6 screw) is giving me issues...
I (stupidly) bought a Fishman VMV powerbridge and this GFS body that had slightly different screw spacings...
I carefully filled holes w/glue and toothpicks then measured and drilled my holes (sans drill press) but they are a tiny bit off. However, the unit did install fine except that isn't the smoothest moving thing because of some not quite perfectly aligned screws...

Having never really owned a strat i was wondering:
How much up/down movement should the back end of it have?
does this need to be extremely free moving?

What i don't really need is ZOMG SHOULD'VE USED A DRILL PRESS STUPID!!11!! etc. because hindsight is already 20/20....

you can set the tremolo up to be free floating you want, but assuming you have it against the body like vintage strats do there should be no movement besides being able to do drives on the bar.

If worst comes to worst you could just glue some small dowels into the holes and let it harden and then re-drill them correctly.

Just filling the holes with wood glue and toothpicks won't work because it is not hard enough. Honestly, I'm surprised the the bridge didn't lift out on you when you strung up the guitar.

If you aren't sure, take it to a tech. Woodworking is one of those things where if you don't know exactly what you are doing you can seriously screw up your guitar to the point where it won't even stay in tune or be playable. I've done it before and wasted hundreds of dollars on a "project" and it was all for nothing.
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