Well my friends and I are coming together as a band, so we're gonna start gigging.

my little rumble 15 amp isnt gonna cut it. I need POWAAAAHHH

I need to build a rig for playing in bars and small restaurants.

I dont mind going used. Whats a good setup to go with

Music Style: Reggae, blues, always clean no distortion.

Budget 500 - 800 Can I get a decent setup for this price? or should I be budgeting more?
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That's enough money IMO, keep your eye on Craigslist.

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eBay, Craigslist, GC used even. And that kinda money will get you a nice high-watt head and a good sized cab. Maybe even look at some solid state heads on Musician's Friend or GC. I assume you're looking for a head/cab stack?
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How big is your band, and what sized venues are you playing? If you want to play clean, then headroom (amplifier power and the ability of the speakers to handle a lot of juice without breaking up) is a must. For reggae, I think you're going to want a good deal of punch in your bass. otherwise, you'll sound muddy. Stick with 10" speakers. A nice, punchy 2x10 combo with some serious power driving it might be ideal, unless you're playing large venues and/or your band is very large and puts out quite a wall of sound.

I like the SWR WorkingPro 2x10C combo. It has a lot of power, great tone and more punch than any 2x10 combo I've played except the SWR Redhead (Spectacular amp; heartbreakingly expensive). You can also stick it on top of an extension cabinet if you need to move more air.

If you really want enough power to move the furniture, you might be better off with a component setup: good preamp, powerful power amp and a good 4x10 cabinet that can handle the wattage. If you choose carefully and take advantage of used, sales and clearance bargains, you could put together a fine component rig with your budget.
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Not knowing, I'd say 200-600 watts is probably all you need right now.

Head/cab or combo, look for peavey and GK and acoustic. Usually people have good deals even musicians friend sometimes has specials on buying a cab and head at once, or a blowout of last years amp. craigslist before EBay so you can try the stuff
so you guys think i can put a good setup together for under 500? cause that would be awesome

Im in a 3 piece band so we're small, for now its nothing big, in a bar and some restaurants. I like the 2x10s suggestion.

I'd like a combo because it would be easier to move around
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Most of the good 2x10 combos start at slightly over $600.00. In the $600.00 to $650.00 range, you'd have lots of options: Carvin, Hartke, Acoustic, etc.
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yeah im seeing alot of amp options for around 300 used. I may end up grabbing one of those
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Not knowing, I'd say 200-600 watts is probably all you need right now.

Good to see you've narrowed it down to a small range.

TS where abouts are you located? $500-800 isn't going to get you as far in Australia as it would in the US.
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im i9n the us so i can find some decent deals
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If you can DI to a PA system regularly with your band, you could get by with a reasonably high-end head (carvin BX1500 comes to mind) that will last you a long time until you can get cabs that'll stand the test of time. If that's not an option, SWR or GK will suit you well.
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