I'm auditioning for a few music unis and there are a few criteria that applicants have to meet, namely being able to play/solo various styles. Now two of the styles are funk and jazz, and I would consider myself a virgin in both areas.

Can you suggest any guitarists/bands/artists of each genre to listen to that would give me a real feel and idea for what to do when that aspect of the audition process comes up?

Cheers guys.
Joe Pass
Wes Montgomery
Kenny Burrell

jazz guitarists
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Joe Pass
Wes Montgomery
Kenny Burrell

jazz guitarists

Thanks man, not got through them all but I'm liking Joe pass!
More jazz guitarists:

Django Reinhardt
Charlie Christian
Howard Alden
George Van Eps
Herb Ellis
Jimmy Bruno
George Benson
Adam Rogers

If you only ever get around to listening to one of them, listen to Django Reinhardt. Arguably the greatest guitarist that ever lived, although we all know that's a stupid thing to start arguing about.
guitarists who are still alive/relevant (and not mentioned above):

kurt rosenwinkel
matt stevens
pat metheney
jonathan kreisberg
gilad heckselman (very possibly spelled wrong)
pat martino
mike moreno
wayne krantz (also a GREAT funk player)
sonny sharrock

non guitarists who are (for the most part) way cooler then above list of guitarists
charlie parker
miles davis
john coltrane
thelonious monk
ari hoenig
christian scott
the bad plus
aaron parks
jeff lorber
the brecker brothers
bill evans (fun fact: he was enough of a sadistic bastard to name his son evan. evan evans)
chick corea
herbie hancock
weather report
clifford brown
ahmad jamal
michael brecker
robert glasper
benjamin moussay
vijay iver
joshua redman
James Farm (band not a guy)
branford marsalis
all the best.
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For Funk, listen to Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, Parliament/George Clinton, Kool and the Gang, and Curtis Mayfield.
Steve Cropper is a f*cking legend. However he is more Soul than Funk. I saw Steve a couple months ago, amazing gig, got my guitar signed, in a good mood every time I think about it.
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Thanks guys! There is more than enough to go through! Muchly appreciated!