Hi there, I'm new to these forums. I signed up in order to ask a (probably often heard and newbie-esque) question.

I play an American Standard Strat that hasn't been modified at all since leaving the shop. I really enjoy the feel of playing it but I tend to have a bit of an issue with the bridge pickup - I sometimes think it sounds a bit brittle depending on what style of music I am playing at the time. Particularly when I use distortion the tone is only what I can describe as tinny and non-responsive, ie, whenever I try to do any fast runs it seems to "choke". I know this sounds a bit like an excuse for playing crap but everything works fine when I use the neck pickup. The only way to rectify it has been by completely overloading the amp with distortion, which then sounds far too agressive.

I was wondering if anyone else had this kind of issue with their bridge pickup and what they done about it? The obvious option would be to change the pickup for something more suitable but (despite reading a number of articles on pickups) am still clueless as to what would be best.

Thanks in advance!
I almost never play with the pup selector in position 5 (all bridge p/u). Everything I do on my MIA SSS Strat is in position 4 (bridge + middle, a.k.a. "the humbucker position"), except a few songs I play in position 1.

Also, if you have Digitech MFX, you can use the "SC to HB" effect.