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I figure the fine ppl of EG are the best for this.

I want to change out the neck humbucker and single coil out of my rg370.
Im thinking matching aftermath neck but am open to opinions. I really like my Air Norton but dont think it'll match well in this setup.

But what I really need is a single coil. Thinking about the Air Norton S or Injector, but know nothing about single coils whatsoever, except that my inf3s sounds like shit.

I just want a nice smooth warm, but still high output for match neck, and a nice gritty single coil for some heavier bluesy stuff. No budget. Go.

On a side note anyone tried the EMG afterburner? I wanna try one in my SE but havent heard much about them.
BKPs. Or Lindy Fralins in the US.
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The Seymour Duncan YJM Fury pickups have received very good reviews, and one of them (bridge or neck) might be a good choice for your single-coil search.
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Kang :Can you be a tad bit more specific?
Im already pondering matching the aftermath bridge with aftermath neck, but really need help with the single coil.

Will the yngwie pup get me a decent overdriven blues tone tho? Im talking for playing some Srv songs.
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You're probably gonna want a single coil that has a relatively high output to match those BKPs. The Yngwie pickups are very low output so that they're quiet. You should probably get a single coil bridge pickup, then just put it in the middle position. That will make the pickups all relatively the same output and volume. Even if they aren't, you can raise or lower the pickups to compensate for that.

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The YJM Fury is a hum-cancelling single-coil with particularly good articulation and it isn't a thin-sounding sort like many of its single-coil brethren. It has a fuller tone than a traditional Strat pickup; not as hot as something like a Duncan QP but plenty loud enough (hey, it's Yingwe, remember?). It should go well with humbuckers without losing the advantages of a single-coil. It is a four-connector arrangement so you can employ a variety of wiring options.
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My best recommendation, based on what you've said thus far, is The Breed Neck pickup, and the Heavy Blues 2 single. They are both by Dimarzio, can be used in a high gain setup, and are versatile. I wouldn't usually prefer The Breed Neck for high-gain, but Dimarzio's other neck pickups are better matched with their bridge counterparts, for example the D-Activators and the X2N's sound better with each other. I have tried the EMG Afterburner before, the difference was noticeable, but with your setup, an active boost isn't needed. Just my opinion, do what YOU think is best for your playing.
Hell with my crappy setup none of my mods have been nessessary, but I'll be damned if they havent improved the sound (especially the tone zone/ air norton). Also when I move out of this weak apartment I fully intend to buy a better amp.
the yngwie ppups are fairly low output as yngwie relies on massive amp volume and want the guitar sound to be clean and articulate.

i'll have to point out that a pup that is good for blues won't really match up well with your humbuckers volume wise. i'll also mention that other than robin trower i can't think of to many blues based guitar players that use the middle pickup much (i pretty much only use mine for acousticy clean sounds).

take a look at Lace Sensor pickups as they have a wide range of pups for different sounds and they are almost noiseless. even the higher outpu ones retain the strat sound (more or less)
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BKP Slow Hand - can do Blues stuff and gets darker/fuller as you increase the volume.

BTW, got the SD PU yesterday. Gracias!

Cool, I'll check it out.
Glad to see you got the pup in decent time, hope you get better use outta it then I did.
Or at least more $$
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On a side note anyone tried the EMG afterburner? I wanna try one in my SE but havent heard much about them.

I recently installed an EMG Afterburner in my Jackson DK2. My goal was specifically to increase output from the neck/middle single coils. I liked their tone, their output was just weak. The Afterburner definitely met my needs. It adds no noise of its own and allows me to dial in as much (or as little) boost as I need.

It can even be wired for 18v to deliver even more boost if you need/want it. But for me, the 9v delivers more than enough. Generally, I don't need it dialed up more than half way.
You could also email the people at BKP. They may know exactly which pickup will go with those humbuckers. They have the ability to mix and match more than anyone, so they should have a recommendation.