Well, I've been trying to learn sweep picking for a couple of months now and I recently noticed a problem:

Instead of playing:


I end up playing:


Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? Is it a big problem if I play the bottom note twice?
Quote by thrashdeth

Is it a big problem if I play the bottom note twice?

Well it means that you're adding an extra note in, so you'd have change the note durations to accommodate for whatever you're playing it over.

It's not a hard thing to change- try hitting that bottom note with a downstroke and sweep on down from there
If you're just starting out that's pretty understandable, you should worry about proper technique more than anything.

As for if it's a big deal..

If the lick and/or song you're trying to learn only has one note there, and you're playing two, then you will fall slightly behind, which is undesirable.
I find it easier to hit the bottom one on the upstroke, so your pick never has to pass the string and you can just go back up without skipping anything. So the change of direction is just changing strings while alt picking.
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