Check it out, its on my profile. 2nd cover I made.

The sweeps in the beginning aren't perfect, but I'm not the best at sweeping.

Also I'm pretty happy with my guitar sound since my guitar was around 180 dollars!
very nice, i feel like the snare and kick needed to be mixed in a bit better, other than that very very nice!

im not much of an attack attack fan but chekc out my cover, i also have an emmure cover on profile


ps, the breakdown was sick as shit
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Yeah, definitely work on those sweeps. Slow them right down with a metronome and practice it slow for a day or two, slowly increase the speed and you'll get it a lot quicker. It's the only way rather than rushing into it.

How are you recording it?

Check out my Satch cover, cheers! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1478154
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I made the cover with guitar rig 5 and a crappy 180 dollar ibanez gio. I used a program called "riffworks" to record, but Im thinking of getting a better, "real" recording software. For my setup, Im pretty happy with the tone though.

Yeah, I know I definitely have to practice the sweeps slower, I just wanted to make a cover quickly.

Im trying to learn their song, "children of fire" which has some sweeping in the chorus im learning.

Ill check out your covers when Im at my house.