Just a little piece, only one progression sort of thing. I might expand on it, but what do you guys think so far?
Interesting, I mean its a really short idea but its got some potential to it. The strings sounded a little sharp over everything though. Not in pitch, I mean like the sound of it, it doesnt sit in there well. Try String Ensemble 2, it's a little better. Also, if you added the lower octave of the C# note and the fifth, it will fatten the strings part out and make it a little thicker sounding. The drums you had in there sounded good to me, I think you should continue with that pattern. Bass was good as well.

Overall, it sounded good, but I cant see a song based on this. Its a cool intro, but maybe have a little pause where you can switch chords and come up with something nice on the guitar that doesn't revolve around that chord you used throughout the intro. But as I said, nice job so far, keep going.