Why not? As long as they didnt trim too much wire or damage the coil.
I've bought one and sold 2 online. Including a dimebucker to ippon for 10$.
The pickup itself is almost certain to be fine. What you need to look out for is how much wire it still has. As long as there's enough wire to run from the pickup route to the pots, it's fine.
Just make sure there is a good amount of lead left. If it's an active pickup, make sure there are pots, a stereo jack, and the battery clip included.
Pickups generally don't go bad because there aren't any moving parts. As the others have said, as long as there is a good length of wiring left you'll be fine.
I bring a Volt/Amp meter with me when buying used pups. I check them to make sure the circuit is complete and check the resistance. The only other thing is the pig tail has to have enough wire to reach the controls in the cavity. I have yet to come across a bad pup but I am sure they are out there.

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