What do you mean? He had professional photos taken, I have the entire album if you'd like to see them. The acoustic guitar is mine, the electric he did for an area musician, along with the snare drum.
ah okay, sorry mate. recently we've had a deluge of spambots posting malicious links under the guise of guitar-related topics. considering that was your first post, and you joined today, i was a little suspicious. my bad. welcome to UG!

man a lot of that artwork looks really nice.
Not quite a fan of the paint job on the acoustic, but the rest looks good! Tell him to keep it up!
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does he protect the paint at all? looks like it would wear off really fast.

but, it does look nice.
The paint he uses is designed to last, yet I put a thin coating of polyurethane to protect against wear and tear from picking and playing.
Sick!!! I think it's amazing haha.

i wanna do the same.
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He's a freelance artist based out of Cleveland, if anyone is interested in working with him I can provide contact info. He accepts projects from all over the world.