Ok, for the UG Video Game Album : IV I'm working on Crash Bandicoot 2 - Turtle Woods and I'm looking for a bassist to figure out, play and record the bass parts of this. From what I can tell it's not an overly complicated bass song and I think it's pretty kick ass.

The track is as follows:
Main Vibes - Guitar
Background Vibes - Guitar
Bass - Bass
Percussion - Undecided

One thing that would help in a major way is that if you were able to do out the drums also, as I can't. There's a drum track and some bongos.

The deadline isn't until the 1st of December.

Thanks guys!

Also, I know there's a recording's sub forum, but this is different and I think I'll find more bassists here. Even if you don't want to do it, any advice would be awesome.
Sounds like something I could do, but I'm not entirely sure whether it's the kind of song that's going to work by substituting things for guitar.
Ok! Great! But as I said above, it might sound crap and if it does, we obviously won't do it. Can you do a drum track?