I've been lusting over an American Telecaster for quite some time now, and have the opportunity to get one. Should I go for something else for my genre of music? I plan on putting a hotrails in anyways. I play very similar to the style of Dream, On Dreamer, Like Moths To Flames, Parkway Drive etc. SUGGESTIONS are welcome too
One of the guitarists in Slipknot uses a Tele with EMGs in it, so I'm sure you can modify one to fit your metal needs
I was looking at the Jim Root model, but I'm talking straight american single coil. No mods other than the hot rails
The Jim Root telecaster is made out of mahogany, and dual humbuckers. If I were you I'd try to find one of these, or even a Deluxe (HH) or Custom (HS). That's just me though.
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I use a Strat and get decent hardcore tones, and more people use Teles with better results. So I'd say a Tele would actually work pretty well. Try it out if you can, see if you like it.
John 5 has used stock Telecasters in addition to his signature models, so a Telecaster is capable of doing the heavy stuff. With a Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge, you'd be set.

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I don't see why a tele couldn't do hardcore, they're used for every other style of music, and fit in quite well.
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I do not currently own a Tele, but I have played several MIMs, a few American Std, and deluxe. They play beautifully and can do pretty much anything you want them to do.

There are numerous metal guitarists that swear by Telecasters.

A co-worker let me borrow his American Tele, and I was able to play chunky rhythm parts, screaming leads, and everything in between. That guitar is actually the one that broke me free of "The World of Active Pickups" - where everything sounds the same and you don't know why. Just kidding, actives certainly have their place, but the Tele sound is very versatile.

I plan on getting a custom Tele made some time in the future.
I was going to mention that Eastbay Ray played a telecaster but I now realize after reading your first post that that isn't the type of hardcore you meant. Anyway, I've mentioned this in a lot of threads before but I have managed to play Metallica, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, etc. All with a stock cv thinline. Tone comes mostly from the amp and as long as your amp can handle it you can play really heavy stuff with a tele, you'll probably just need more gain than someone using a les paul with emgs or something like that.