so this girl and I came back to my place to get it on all night, and she said that she was going to tell her boyfriend that they were breaking up so it wouldn't really be cheating. Turns out, instead of telling him they were breaking up, she told him we went swimming. I'm just curious if you guys would get upset about this, I got a little upset, do I have a right to be upset?
I swear I saw a thread similar to this about 10 minutes ago.
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I swear I saw a thread similar to this about 10 minutes ago.

haha there was too. It sounds like it might be the other guy in the story
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Are mirror threads reportable?
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Watch out! The boyfriends gonna kill you.

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Are mirror threads reportable?

It's considered a spam thread
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f*** you
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Me too.

And closing mirror threads.
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