So I have a acquired quite an interest in modding a guitar. The question I have is, is it worth it to put a bunch of equipment into a "Blake" brand guitar that I cannot find any information on. Its got a bigsby bar but its very loose and a slight crack. I think it also needs rod adjusting. I am new at this so any help would be great. I want to change the pick ups, fix the rod, and change the tuning pegs.

Will post pictures soon.
I'd say that it could be a good practice. I doubt that you will mod this guitar into the equivalent of a Fender or anything, but I would suggest doing it with cheap parts. That way you you become better at modding and you might develop a passion for it and you would have a (slightly) better guitar.



As you can see one of the pegs is broken. I guess thats the first thing I should fix. Any help on how to go about doing that??

I also have a Washburn X-series. Would it make more sense to fix that up? It needs some fret work but I have no idea how to go about doing that.
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