How to recreate the outros to Radiohead's My Iron Lung and Paranoid Android?

People rightly go on about Thom Yorke when it comes to Radiohead, but sometimes I think they over look Jonny Greenwood's brilliance.

He's not a shredder, so people, even many conventional guitarists, don't give him the praise he deserves. But as far as conveying true emotion, which is ultimately what music is about, I think he's one of the most exceptional guitarists of the past 20 years.

There are a lot of moments in his guitar playing I love, but the last 40 seconds of Paranoid Android and the last 10 seconds of My Iron Lung are what I want to focus on here. How does he create those sounds? What effects are being used, and how are they being used together?
Have you ever considered looking into what Johnny Greenwoods rig is? I mean, its pretty self explanatory if you look into it
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Yes, I have. And no, it's not. Hence the thread...

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Oh, and it's far too late in the morning for me to care to listen to music I'm not really into and then explain to someone how to copy it... sorry TS I suggest you google _______ guitar tone (_____ being the song) and see where that takes you, possibly a forum where people discuss that stuff more.
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