hey guys im looking to buy a new amp but on a budget , im willing to buy used and most likely ill have to. I play a fender highway one strat and an epiphone les paul with gibson 57 classics in it. Im looking for a new amp to buy , i will be gigging but this amp doesnt need to gig ill just rent or borrow when i gig. Ill want something for bedroom levels but can be as loud as possible. I play alot of blues and classic rock. Id like the clean tones to be reminiscent of john mayer tones and be able to get a decent zeppelin tone with my les paul my budget is under 500 dollars if possible and maybe a litlle more , ive got a boss bd2 and a ts9 i can use for boosting as well. So far ive been thinking about the fender champion , fender blues junior , a traynor amp i think its called the ycv, an epiphone valve senior is another and ive looked at the peavey valveking ;et me know what you recommend , thnx for reading
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Epiphone had a Blues Sr. Amp combo or something but I don't know if they're still producing it.

Aside from that, as a practise amp the AC4TV would be cheap and worth trying out.
Why would you rent or borrow an amp for gigs but then say your bedroom amp can be as loud as possible? Unless it's a transport/living away issue? Just get a gigging amp and use it at home. Renting/borrowing amps is unprofessional, expensive and a bit of a faff, and consistent gig tone is more important than bedroom tone.

Now Mayer has his own signature two rock I think but uses a load of different amps. Led Zep is classic British tone. The traynor is a nice amp, though the different wattages of YCV are different (I think the 40 is marshally) That'll do bedroom, gigs and get a decent sound for the stuff you want. Also check out a peavey classic 30 and see what you think of the blues junior, I quite liked it, though it's too loud to get cranked at home and you might not have crystal cleans over a drummer.

And in answer to the above question, stock, the AC4 slays the champ. Even if it's just because of the bigger speaker. Through different cabs they may be closer.
well i mean renting is fine in my area , you pay about 60 bucks to get it for a weekend (marshall jcm 2000) and for me gigging with good clean headroom requires 50 to 100 watt and at home the 50 to 100 watt would be too loud to push it for when i want od tones , i gig maybe once a month or twice but now that school is starting up itll be less so having a 100 watt or 50 watt amp at home isnt really practical. right not i have a vox vt50 but i want something with a purer tone . the mayer tone is more important to me than the zeppelin btw
^^ I'd take any of those over owning a little amp and renting a big amp. Then you know pretty much exactly (well, sort of) how your guitar's gonna sound at a gig, not to mention saving that 60 bucks might come in handy later down the line. They'll also all sound pretty reasonable at bedroom levels. Bear in mind how loud 5/10/15 watt amps can be. If you want an amp that can be cranked at home you'll need tiny wattages or very inefficient speakers. Really most 50 watters turned down will sound completely fine. And I can't imagine a gig where you'd need more than 50 watts. If you did you'd surely have a good PA
how much should i post my vox vt50 for sale at? because anything i get for it can be added to the 500