I have been playing guitar for like 5 years and only changed the strings about maybe 5 times haha. I find that when I put on a new set of nickel wound guitar stings by ernie ball that there is less friction ( my old strings were old and had friction cause of the crap on it) . On a new set of strings when I bend , the string keeps slipping and its harder to control because the surface of the strings is too smooth and new. is this normal? what can I do?

I know it is not my technique because I never had a problem with older strings, only when new strings are on my guitar.
Newer strings are going to be slicker. That's all there is to it. Matter of fact I think Eddie Van Halen used to boil his strings for like 45 minutes to get rid of that new string feeling.
Use less lotion and practice more. Get some callas built up.
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lol i have verrry thick callouses already. i do hate the new string feel but definitely not the sound
You can boil them which was already mentioned. What I do is run my fingers along them for a minute or two on each one. Loosens them up a bit. The best answer is to play with them.
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