First of all since this is my first post I'll say Hi!
Now I'm going to get down into the longest question ever.

I used to play in bands when I was younger, usually with two guitarists. Back then I was using a line6 combo amp so I kinda missed out on learning about pedals and signal chains etc. So my first question is the following:

I have a peavey valveking stack now and would like the put the following in my chain: Delay, Chorus, wah and potentially something to give me a better clean sound.
How would you set up the chain on these pedals or does it not really matter? Also a question that I can't figure out is how people use overdrive pedals / distortion pedals. Would you keep the amp on its clean channel and use the overdrive / distortion to dirty the sound? Or would you still switch to the gain channel on the amp then boost it with a pedal?

My other question is regarding live performace.
I'm now playing in a band where I am the only guitarist and there are several parts in the songs we play where the guitar is changing from distortion to clean a few times. Does anyone have any tips to make this transition sound cleaner and a bit more seamless than the distinct jump between the two sounds that you get when switching amp channel? It's not too bad when practicing but would sound very amaturish if gigging.

Apologies for the length of the questions and also apologies if I've put them in the wrong section of the forum.


With regards to the first question, I put my delay and chorus in the effects loop, and the wah is the first place my signal goes after leaving the guitar. I don't know if that's how most people do it, that's just what I do.

For the overdrive, I use the distorted channel with an overdrive pedal (an old marshall "The Guv'nor") to give it more bite, but that depends on how much gain you're after.

So signal goes Guitar > wah > OD pedal > amp
Effects loop goes Send > delay > chorus > return

I'm not sure what you mean with the other question dude, but I hope that helps.
can't answer your first question but for the second,

with only 1 guitar the only thing i could think of is to give yourself a small period of time to mute your strings, turn down your volume knob or use a kill switch if you have one just before switching channels. or maybe make your band members to make more noise while switching channels so the switch is less noticeable.
or get a footswitch
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or get a footswitch

oh i assumed he had a footswitch.

TS, you have a footswitch?
Yea I've got a footswitch. It's just a very noticable change if you have ended a chorus on distortion ringing out then pressing the footswitch and having the distortion cut out suddenly.

Thanks for the above responses!
You could use a distortion pedal for the rough stuff on your dirt channel while keeping the dirt channel fairly clean. It kinda helps out your personal tone quest as well really.