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1 (Almost suicidal)
16 9%
9 5%
20 11%
21 11%
16 9%
23 13%
30 16%
22 12%
12 7%
10 (You are the greatest person that ever lived at everything)
15 8%
Voters: 184.
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Sup Pit,

How good is your self esteem on a scale 1-10? This encompasses you as a whole not just your physical self esteem or your self esteem as a guitar player.

I'd give myself an 8 on the self esteem scale, what about you Pit?
Probably a 7.

I'm aware of what my skills are and have made peace with the fact I'm never gooing to be perfect at everything
The only thing that lowers my self esteem is the fact I know I could be in better shape, and the fact I'm unable to get a girl into the sack
Where's the option for full-on suicidal?
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Fuck yeah 9. Not insecure here, but I don't think I'm the absolute shit quite yet.
Upon that scale I would give me 1

Mines 10 I ****ing love myself
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Where's the option for full-on suicidal?

If you were full on suicidal you'd be dead by now. Obviously.
1 or 2.
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0. I'm just a sucker with no self-esteem.

Really though, I'd say about a 7 or an 8. I like my life.

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8. As somebody else said I know about my good points and have come to terms with my bad ones. It varies day-to-day with a factor or +2 / -6 I think though.
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Sometimes I'll feel like a 10 and strut around all day and then I'll suddenly realize how shit I am at everything and it goes down to negative 2000
Used to be probably a 3-4 but I'd say I'm around 7 now. I feel pretty good about myself for the most part, aside from the 70 lbs. I need to lose, but I don't hate myself like I did most of my life. I don't think I'll ever be a cocky asshole though.
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This. For the record, everything entity says about himself is also true about me.
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This. For the record, everything entity says about himself is also true about me.

So far it seems to be true >_>
🙈 🙉 🙊
10. And if you disagree, see my sig.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.
11. i'm better than all of you.
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I'm feeling fairly shit lately, so a 3 - usually it's about a 6 though.
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I'm feeling fairly shit lately, so a 3 - usually it's about a 6 though.

Does it help you if I tell you your signature made me laugh?

OT: I've been feeling quite bad lately because my girlfriend broke up with me, but because of all the support of a lot of people I know, and knowing there are so many people that care about me gave my self-esteem quite a boost I'd say 7, 8'ish
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I know I'm not particularly good at anything, and I know I'm particularly bad at many things. I'm not getting anywhere in life.
I don't give much of a shit, so I get on with it and I'm not depressed or anything. Just no self esteem.
8. I'm good at some stuff and I know it, but suck balls at other things. I'm always trying to improve so oneday we might even hit 10.
9 fo sheezy
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Mine's pretty low. It's not super low though.

It's like I don't hate myself, but I don't like myself that much either.
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I put five because some days it's really high and some days I don't have any
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7. Not the best with women or being social, but I'm damn proud of myself as a musician, I'm pretty funny and charming if I really need to be, a good dresser, and I tend to sometimes have a superiority complex.
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Depends on if I have alcohol in my body. Usually a 7 until I drink some beer then it goes to 11.
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