Hey guys, i'm new to this forum and i shall be posting a lot more, hopefully.
I have a problem and would like someone to help me.

So here's the situation. I just got a guitar a week ago, started learning how to play it from the mahalo.com guitar tutorial. Anyways, i'm trying to play the G Chord but my strings always get muted! I have done everything to guy told me to do: arch fingers, use finger tips, press firmly, etc etc but when i go to strum, either the A, or the bottom B and E strings have a muted sound. Could anyone explain to me the proper way to fret strings? It's really frustrating and i'm on the verge on quitting

If it matters, the guitar is a Yamaha F310P
you might want to try lighter strings for now.

btw, have you tried learning to play some songs using chords you can play more easily? while you learn to play them, you'll be strengthening your fingers, too.
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i suggest a little finger stretching before you actually start practicing , and take your time with every chord .
in your case , your fingers are muting some of the strings , you should try strumming every string at a time and see where is the problem .
make sure your strumming hand ( or arm ) isn't touching the stings from that side either .