Hi guys,

I'm looking to upgrade my bass but I'm not very experienced at this.
The list of things I want to upgrade:


I'd also like a new preamp. There's an experienced and respected luthier where I live who'll be doing the modding. I'd like to make my bass active but if you have great passive alternatives let me know. I'm not on a budget but it would be nice if you could recommend me some gear that's not too expensive just to see what my options are.

The sound I want from the pickups is a fat, beefy sound but with that Jazz Bass growl we all love. I play all kinds of music (ranging from jazz to alternative-rock to metalcore)
so it would be nice if the pickups/preamp are very versatile.

All recommendations/advice are/is much appreciated!
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For pickups I would suggest these http://www.bartolini.net/information/bass/4st_bass_pu_s.htm I have a mate running a Jazz with these and it's got that nice nasty bass sound, without losing the jazz growl. The other ones I would suggest would be the Seymour Duncan J quarter pounder in the neck and a vintage somethignorrather in the bridge, or a set of fender noiseless.

Bridge, get one of those badass II bridges everyone talks about, they're fantastic, Hipshot (or gotoh, ones of the two) do some good bridges, particularly ones with piezo pickups if you're into that?

another two things, upgrade your nut, $5-15 for a new nut, will make a world of difference, also a D-tuner could be an interesting but, if you use Drop D and standard on and off alot
I just sold my 3rd attemt at liking a Fender Jazz bass. It sounded great, but i just can't get into them. I upgraded the pups to some Fender Vintage 60 RIs, and the bridge was upgraded to a BadAss II.

On a better note... i finally found my perfect JJ setup... and it's an SX shortscale Jag
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Pickups: If you're looking for a classic Jazz sound then go for Fender's. A quieter but more expensive alternative is Seymour Duncan Classic Stacks.

Bridge: Badass Bass Bridge II is, without a doubt, the best bridge available thought they are very expensive. Gotoh 201s are good'n'cheap.

Preamp: An East J-Retro is the creme de la creme thought I recommend you look at something called a "Tonestyler".

Don't forget to but stainless steel rounds on it!

Edit: You're not that far from Britain; email Wizard Pickups and tell them what you want from your pickups then send them yours. They'll rewind them to your exact specifications at about half the price of a new pickup.
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@ Spaz91, I was looking at Wizard pickups for a while now (you mentioned them before). And I must say I'm quite impressed, might email them for some advice. Thanks!
Also, those Fender pickups look interesting.
Is that preamp active?
Do you think I can find a Badass Bass II bridge used? I'd really like a black bridge because the body is black (tortoise guard).
I've got Rotosound 66 Swingbass strings on my bass. Really like 'em.

@ Sandshreeeew, what kind of effect will a new nut have? And that Drop Tuner is also a nice idea, might look into that. I play a lot of Drop D but I also play Drop C. I only play in standard tuning once a week.

Thanks for the advice guys! Keep it coming.
Ibanez ARTB-100 (white)
Fender Standard Jazz (black)
Peavey MK VI
Quote by Perroid
Is that preamp active?

The East? Yes but its a rechargeable inbuilt battery
Do you think I can find a Badass Bass II bridge used? I'd really like a black bridge because the body is black (tortoise guard).

Yup, check www.basschat.co.uk.
The new nut will increase note clarity and help your sustain as well as stabilise your tuning, it's not a ridiculously large difference, but it is noticeable and very cheap/easy to do. Brass, tusq and graphite are your friends

Have your bass in D standard and drop it to drop C maybe?