I currently own a Legacy Firebird 100H stack, which sounds great as a clean amp (channel 2) and has amazing DSP effects. However, I find it's distortion channel (1) is fairly limiting in that it doesn't let me change the level of the distortion. The level and gain knobs basically just change the volume- This is the way the amp has always been. It could be that I've just got a poorly produced amp, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, my question is whether I should sell my stack and buy something better, given that it on average only sells for about $700 AUD, or should I keep it and just buy some pedals to use instead of the built in distortion effects?

It's very difficult to find an inexpensive amp that will do both distortion and cleans very well, especially if you are going for a solid state. My opinion is that you are better off sticking to the amp you have and buying 1-2 overdrive pedals (you don't need to go crazy here).

Then, save your money for quality two channel (clean and drive) tube amp. I highly recommend one with gain/volume controls for each channel so you don't have to fuss with volume issues when switching between the two.
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Well, I've never played a Legacy but for $700 you could get a smaller wattage tube amp that would saturate at much lower volumes, giving you better bedroom level distortions. Blackstar make a good 5 watt head which is loud enough to jam with too.
That, or just buy some nice overdrives.
This might sound like a stupid question, but have you tried leaving the level low and cranking the gain? Some amps have post and pre gain knobs which can be a bit frustrating at first.
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