I have built 18W solid state amplifier that's paired with Jensen 6.5" MOD speaker. This is all DIY project that I have started few months back. Now, I would like to build a small cabinet that will house the amplifier and speaker. Problem is that while my soldering skills are good, I am really bad when it comes to woodworking. I also have only basic tools like jigsaw, circular saw, drill and few screwdrivers. I was thinking about putting together open rear wood enclosure, using car speaker grille to cover the driver, aluminum plate for mounting the volume control and jacks and to cover everything with some dark wood stain.

I have searched the forum but looks like everybody only builds 1x12 and up cabinets. I already have amp like that and this DIY project is to build something very portable.

Any ideas for a cabinet you could share?

Well, they're all pretty simple. Look at virtually any single speaker combo for inspiration.

Which configuration is your chassis - Vox-style (knobs on top) or Marshall-style (knobs on front)?
I guess I will have to take one of the single speaker plans and just reduce them to desired size.

I am thinking about the Vox-style combo. Still have to come up with a metal box to house the actual amplifier and power supply brick.