Recorded using Propellorhead Reason over a couple of days. This is the most recent song my band has demo'ed. I like my grooves and I think the unison is pretty boss. Vocal ideas in progress.

Anyway listen here: http://soundcloud.com/chrissalix/crumbs-demo-no-vocals-event

I'll crit for crit anyone and anything.
Like the song dude.

The bass solo at 23 seconds is a nice touch and the keyboards at 45 seconds are pretty intense too.

Guitar solo is really well composed in my opinion too.

All together a tight as hell recording.

The main thing I can see wrong is the kick drum seems to get lost in the more intense sections of the mix. Maybe a kick with a bit more high end would help it cut though more.

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The first thing I notice right off the bat is that the compression seems a bit too high. It's really easy to get into, though. Like, it's just driving enough and melodic enough for me to want a lot more. lol

The keyboards are absolutely intense, too. The guitar sounds like it could use a bit more panning to the sides and maybe a bit more bass in the EQ, but still keep everything going very nicely. That solo at 2:43 is fragging blistering and has just the right mix. The dueling guitar and keyboard actually gave me chills, man. lol

The bass is nice and tight throughout the piece, which I think is just awesome, considering it's usually buried in the mix.

The guitar solo at the end just brings the whole thing together very nicely. VERY nicely indeed.

I think, with vocals, I'd totally buy it. lol