where can i find a great custom guitar maker? the internet seems to deal mostly with acoustic guitars. price is not really an issue, cuz i'll be paying on credit, but i'd like to keep it at least under 4000 dollars US. i found this website called HALO guitars but, it seemed a little to good to be true.

right now i have a PRS SE custom 22, and a Bogner Alchemist. i don't to waste time and money on a middle of the road upgrade, and i'd rather just be professional sooner.

i play metal, but i need lots of tones like Between the Buried and Me or the Flaming Lips or HORSE the Band.

EDIT: i forgot, how beneficial would fanned frets be. they look so sharp, but is it worth all the moneys? and it also has to be a 7 string.
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I'm going on what i've heard, as i have pretty limited first hand experience:

Try Hufschmid, they look orgasmic and i'm pretty sure they play that way too.
The great thing is that you can get all the information from Mr. Hufschmid himself through the website, so you can talk things over in a very personal way. It's worth sending a quick e-mail, you'll get a reply in no time.

Otherwise for 7 strings there's always the Schecter custom shop, should be pretty kewl.

TBH i don't think you can easily go wrong with custom made guitars, but good luck and can't wait to see what you get!!
I LOVE Hufschmid.
But there is also Strandberg guitars, favorited by Animals As Leaders and Scale The Summit and many more. I'm in love with their work.
Rick Toone is a luthier I just discovered, worked with "Townshend" on his newest design, whether that be Devin or not, I'm working on finding out.
As well, if you would like a traditional shape/style guitar, but to all your wants, Warmoth is the bees knees.
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jillard guitars, no question :p
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There's a book out there called "Hand Made Hand Played" by Robert Shaw. Subtitle is the art and craft of contemporary guitars, and contains pictures and discriptions of beautiful custom guitars.
Each guitar, acoustic, bass, archtop, or electric, is made by master craftsmen, and usually one off creations. This book contains illustrations of the best custom guitars, made by the best makers on the planet. I'm sure you could find a builder in there that could meet your specs.
Here's a few names- James D'Aquisto, Pfifer Designs and Customs, Briggs Guitars, Spalt instruments, Michael Dunn Art Guitars, and the famous Robert Beneditto.
Good luck.