Hey UG. wondered if u guys could help me out here.

I play a lot of metal and instrumental rock (a la Metallica, Megadeth, Joe Satriani etc.) and cannot achieve the right tone, try as i might. (my gear is in my sig). is the problem with the amp, processor, or guitar (if guitar, is it the pickups, or waht?) Pls give me some advice, and a low-cost alternative to whatever the problem gear is.
I'd upgrade the amp.
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Whats wrong with your tone exactly? If I wanted a metal sound, I would hit up a modelled peavey or mesa boogie amp, stick bass on about seven, treble on five and mids on ten. Distortion no higher than about 6/7 out of ten, and I would tend to stick to the bridge pickup for riffs, neck for rhythm and either for solos.
Effects wise, you may want a very short delay for rhythm to simulate double tracked guitars for a bigger sound, maybe a longer delay for lead and a phaser for solos. Maybe a wah wah too. Reverb no more than one or two- organic yet in yer face.

The key is to tweak- once you have a 'metal' amp model, it's just a case of getting the knobs right for your guitar and your fingers.
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