So I bought my YAMAHA eg 112 electric guitar when I was 13 and I got bullied alot at school so I left the guitar inside my closet for 7 years. I know am an ASS lol . So now I turned 20 and I got back to my guitar and I know nothing and I wanna learn. Where can I start ?
I checked the lessons page but it's not organized so... I need help with starting please.
Why did you leave it in your closet because you got bullied?

Also, how much do you know/ still remember?
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Start from the beggining again, learning chords and such.
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Quote by fluffymuffins
Why did you leave it in your closet because you got bullied?

Also, how much do you know/ still remember?

There wasn't support from the family or friends. And you know life moves on but I gotta be honest. When I grabbed it again 5 days ago I kept staring at the mirror and playing random.
I forgot everything. I need lessons from the very beginning.

Can someone hook me out with the best lessons from here.
Take lessons. Unless you have the patients to look at stuff online and teach yourself.
I tried to teach myself, got nowhere. Took a class and now I'm starting to write my own material.
your a beginner, so what you wanna do is start learning covers, download guitar pro, watch youtube videos on how to finger chords. learn alot of covers. and take lessons, but not from a classical guitarist cause there biased dickheads.
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