Just have a possible chorus but thought I'd try for some feedback.

When I was young I used to
Look for a silver lining
Only to find that everything comes down to
Expert timing
Satan's finger draws a
Red line through our bipolar nation
World leaders sum us up in
Some sort of bugger-all equation.
Now I'm walking the empty solemn streets
Casting down the shadows of my defeat
You look at me as if I'm throwing my life away
Well I'll tell you now, I'm not a fucking hyperbole.

well, I'm not hatin' on ya but a genre would have been useful. Since I'm not smart enough to figure it out from the lyrics (although it seems like something heavy-ish), I'll just take an in-general view. personally, I'd change the last line, "bugger-all equation" seems a bit boganish. And the "expert timing" line seems kind of out of place. That's just my opinion though. If you want more ideas lyrics, I'd suggest listening to Protest the Hero (if you don't already), they have great lyrics, very clever and meaningful. "C'est la vie" and "wretch" are some of my favourites for lyrics. Then again, you may be very good at writing lyrics and won't need my input. I dunno. Anyway it seems more of a verse than a chorus to me.
Good start, but like the last guy said you should definitely change the last line. The rest of it sounds like you have a serious message to put across, that last line sounds like you're just trying to make a joke.

Keep working on it, but don't restrict yourself to having this as a chorus, you may find that when you come up with more ideas for the whole song some of the other ideas would be better for that.
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