Hey this is a new song I finished recording today. I guess its a slow rock song but I cant really classify it. I recorded all the instruments again and recorded it on Audacity. I will C4C on your song. The song is in my profile and there are lyrics posted there too. Thank you
pretty good, the vocals are meh but oh well. they sound like you were trying to be quiet when you recorded them.

the only problem i have with it songwriting-wise is the drums... the ride should be more of a shuffle instead of straight 8ths imo

i like the atmosphere of it, very... reverby

C4C? its a cover of blue powder by steve vai

I found the singing kinda like velvet underground. Thought it was kinda cool like that.
i try to avoid singing because i need to have a certain amount of beer in me to feel fine enough with the whole projection thingy.

As for the guitar playing, the riff was played well....the slide worked well to pick the song up as the one guitar would have got long winded alone.

very retro though dude lazy beer on the porch kinda tune.

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Love it someone my age also makes and listens to this kind of music. Loving the slide guitar. Really like the vocals, very elliot smith they fit great with the style.

The chord progressions are great espically as they are not cliche.

Great one