I'm running my Paul Reed Smith McCarty DC10 into my new Mesa Boogie Mark V with a 2x12 Rectifier cabinet. At the moment I'm using a 6 ft monster cable for the speaker connection and a 10 ft Peavy "PV" cable I borrowed from my bass rig. I would like to connect my Wah (Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby) to the effects loop of my amp but I need 2 more cables for that!
I'm going to end up buying 4 cables (two 6'' for wah, one 3'' for speaker, and one 10'' for guitar) to keep it all uniform.

My question to you guys is: what type of money do I want to spend with cables? Is it foolish to spend extra cash and go for all balanced Mogami cables to maintain the quality of my rig? Is it even worth it to connect this Crybaby with such nice cables in the first place? Maybe it's a tone sucker)... Need advice! <3
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I never pay more than $20 bucks for cables (livewire).
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You don't want to go with rock bottom cheap cables, but I've never noticed any difference with super expensive cables, either.
I really like the Peavy one that came with my bass amp. It's coated all the way over that metal piece to the 1/4 connection and it feels like a big heavy snake... I think it's a bass specific one though if there is such a thing?
I bought a couple cheap cables for throwing together my pedals when I want to use them and I've experienced very slight levels of tone loss with certain set-ups but it could just be the placebo of me knowing I'm using a chain of cheaper cables. The tone loss (if it even is there) is so minimal that I don't worry about it because the gains with using better cables would be very minimal and not worth the money to me. On the other hand, that's some damn expensive gear you've got there so maybe you might want to spring for the more expensive cables just to preserve the quality of the rig. Maybe buy 1 or 2 more expensive cables and run some tests to see if you can tell the difference before you decide either way?

edit: and no in 12 years I don't think I've ever heard of a "bass specific" patch cord.
Good cables matter. That said, just stay away from monster. The rest is fine
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Good cables matter. That said, just stay away from monster. The rest is fine

Been using Monsters for years and I've never had a problem with them. I've tried other cables like Mogami, Planet Waves, DiMarzio, etc. and I've always come back to Monsters - they just sound better to my ears and are more durable.
I've never had problems with Monster cables either
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I use planet waves cables and they sound good and come with a limited lifetime warranty.
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