Hi Guys,

I've been playing off and on for a couple of years, now im not very good because i havent consistently played, but i do alright for teaching myself. I know absolutely nothing of music theory or equipment details so i could use some guidance.

I have a couple of guitars that i mainly use, a LTD F-50, and a B.C. Rich Avenge. I run them through a Line 6 Spider III 15w amp. This was basically a starter amp that i got for cheap. So anyway, 90% of what i like to play is in drop C, some in drop d and drop b as well, but mostly drop C. Unfortunately, when i play it sounds like crap for the most part. Its hard to hear anything but the low string, and when the low string is being played there is so much vibration in it, getting triplets or quad strokes to sounds clean is difficult.

Now, i've tried running thicker strings. I used all 12 gauge strings before and it did sounds a bit cleaner and deeper, but it was basically like playing with bridge cables from the golden gate. I tape down the strings above the neck bolt like alot of metal guitarists do but i really dont see much of a difference there. I did some research on my amp and for the most part they are all the same. It's a good practice amp to start out with, but when you hear the quality of any other amp your never going to want to play it again.

Just looking for some suggestions as to what i could do to make my sound a bit cleaner, but still stay metal. To give you an idea of what i play, mostly its things like As I Lay Dying, BFMV, Killswitch, Disturbed, etc. Any amp suggestions would be great too. I really dont play much of any other type of music so if there are combo's that work best for metal that works for me.
sounds like your strings are touching the frets when vibrating? do you have fret buzz?

also if you want to play more serious, you should consider a better amp
look up some peavey combo's. i heard they have decent metal sounding combo's for decent prices. but i have no experience with peavey amps
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Seriously, while some of Line 6 interfaces, guitars and higher end amps are pretty decent, the Spider series is horrible. Try a Peavey Vypyr - they are about the same price but much better quality. Otherwise, if it isn't because of the string buzz mentioned above, you may want to upgrade pickups. If you do have string buzz, then take your guitar to a luthier (most guitar stores have some in their employ, or otherwise can direct you go one) and have a new setup done on your guitars to maximize the action, intonation, etc. for the tuning you use most often. Good luck.
I think a big issue might be in how you EQ the amp. The Spider is a relatively terrible amp compared to what is available, but it shouldn't sound as bad as you're describing it, unless you're comparing it to a 6505 half stack or something.

Are you scooping your mids all the way out?

I also think there is probably issues with your technique that is causing you to sound bad.
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