Hey guys,

I'm a drum programmer using top-of-the-line software who's looking to get involved with other musicians projects rather than just doing my own demo's.

I can do drums for many styles/genres, including:

- Pop
- Rock
- Pop Punk
- Hardcore
- Metal (Including the more extreme side of it)
- Post Rock

I could also work on acoustic tracks however i've never done that before.

Projects with some kind of monetary reimbursement are preferred (for example, if I did drums for your EP, i'd get a cut of the album sales), will also work for gear (pedals, beater guitars you don't want/guitar parts in general)

Please feel free to PM me here and ask any questions you might have or let me know about projects you might have for me.

Kind regards,

Quote by Tune my fork
you won't find any money there but you will find many hundreds of projects to work on

true dat, i use hydrogen for my band(we just record alot its just me and my friend)and its very annoying not to mention i dont play drums and can only do basic things and i find it takes away from our songs Facebook Link thats my band if you care to take a listen and work on some stuff for us but if you're looking for money we dont have any sadly but feel free to check us out still lol
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