Well i was wondering if you guys know any chords that sound really good together and that sound good finger picked.

BTW, I'm not an avid acoustic player, but I'm trying to be!
Well really anything will sound good, I like doing a simple C-G-Am-F pattern. Or even a D-A-Bm-G could sound cool.. When I'm bored and with out a pick I'll do something like a
- X
- X X
- X X kinda pattern, and I do it twice per chord kinda thing, but that's just basic
- I hope this helps
- X
sorry that didnt go well... my post got scrunched up... basically the X's were the strings in order I'd go... Which would go -E string-G string-B string-e string- B string-G string-
and if there isn't a note on the E string then the A string, basically what ever the lowest note is in the chord.... Hope that helps as well :P
well , i found that some tunings sound great , even if you just mess around with notes or chords ...

like DGDGDB or DADGAD ...
PS : English is not my first language
Also, I would try to get your hands on any decent finger picking book. I strictly just mess with finger picking on my guitar and just got two knew ones: one focuses on skill and technique, the other on the blues and the original is a beginner book.
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Hmm, as in chord progressions? A little bit of theory will go a long ways practically. B minor with an open g always sounds pleasing. A C chord followed by a Bb7 chord is a neat touch.

Really...anything! Experiment.
You might also try playing with a pick and your fingers at the same time!

The pick gets held normally, while the middle and ring fingers take care of the arpeggios.

I'm not sure, but I think this is called, "chickin' pickin". It's an old country device.

It won't earn you any points with your classical guitar teacher. (In fact it would probably make him cringe). To the upside, you can go right back to slamming the rhythm fully pick style, without missing a beat. You don't get the extreme change in tonality as you would going from fully picked to finger style either.

Oh BTW, hold down those barres good and tight! Finger picking is a quick way to find out you've been fudging it, and not paying attention to having all 6 strings sound cleanly.
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Yeah just try common chord grips in the key of C --> C, Am, F G

The key of G --> G, D, Bm, A

The key of A --> A, E, B, C#m

I'd start of with travis picking though. Dust in the Wind does a good job of introducing beginner finger pickers to the idea of solo-ing in the open position C major scale.
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