does anyone have any idea how to get them out, they wont push through at all. please help.
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push through what exactly?
did you unlock all of the locks?

you have to pull the strings through the bottom of the guitar. and i think the beads on the ends are stuck.
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the strings are inside your ibanez??? what the hell do you mean?

Yea i have an ibanez stagestar you have to take the plate off the back of the guitar and push the strings through the bottom
Use a paper clip.
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take a paperclip, uncoil it and push it towards the ball end (beads) from the top of the body to push the strings out.
oh yes a floyd rose system. so can you describe what you have tried or tell some more about the situation? have u tried using some pliers to try and push the string through?

edit : the paperclip in previous posts might work better
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