I'm replacing pickups in 3 of my guitars and have some ideas, but would like some input.
The guitars are:
Ibanez AJD91C
Greg Bennett/Samick UltraMatic3 (UM3)
Gibson Explorer Pro

The AJD I'm going to mostly use for Phish/Grateful Dead style jam rock so I'm pretty set on putting 2 Duncan 59s in there.

I love my Explorer, but the pickups are a bit too intense for my liking and I'd like my Explorer to be my versatile guitar, so I was thinking of putting a Duncan Custom in the bridge and a jazz in the neck and putting the 500T and 496R from my Explorer into the Ultramatic, and using that as my metal guitar.
How would the 500T sound in an alder body (with a maple top) guitar? The 500T is plenty chunky in the Explorer but it's a bit ear-splitting. Would it be worse in the UM3?

Is the Duncan Custom a good choice for my Explorer? I want it to be tight, mostly to be used for fusion playing, similar to Guthrie Govan.
My amp is a Laney VH100R, and I'd rather stay with Seymour Duncans if possible just because my experiences with DiMarzios haven't been great and I don't want to fork out hundreds for boutiques.
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