Hey everybody!

I just purchased a Lexicon Alpha for home recording, and just messing around. I bought it to replace my toneport ux1.

I was told that this hardware could be used with the toneport's gearbox software (which is much easier for me to understand than all the cubase stuff this came with)

Can anyone help me figure out how to use gearbox software using the Lexicon alpha?

I'm really just trying to record distorted guitars on Audacity so if anyone else has a reccomendation on how to accomplish that, it would be appreciated.
bump, cmon guyzzzzz

How do i use Line 6 gearbox software with Lexicon alpha hardware??

or record in general with it??
im not fully sure but i assume once you install the drivers for the lexicon you chould be able to choose it as the input in the preferences of the program.the lexicon is a horribly unreliable interface though

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what do you mean as unreliable? I installed the drivers, but i still have no clue how to use it
The Lexicon is a great interface for entry level recording. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

First off, I would suggest you use Reaper over Audacity. It's free and much, much better. It might take some getting used to, but it will sound a lot better. It should also be easier to use your software with it as well, assuming that the Gearbox software has a plug-in form as well, which it probably does.