I have Ibanez stagestar (i know crapy) and i want to attempted to learn stuff that is like drop b drop a. i am clueless to what gauge of string to use because i am primarly an acoustic player.
I am just as clueless but i have learned that all electric guitar problems can be solved with one magic solution.

Buy a new amp.

Thanks to the forums of Ug.!!!!
I haz gotten gud
Use .11s, heavy .11s, or .12s (best choice out of all of them, in my opinion.). The only thing is that if you ever tune up to E Standard, Drop D, and D Standard the strings will be a PAIN to bend. You'd have to raise your action if you want to tune that low if you put a heavier string gauge on your axe. Which also sucks for tuning back up because you'll have pretty high action and adjusting it whenever you change tunings will be a pain, especially if you do it a lot.