Hey guys, yet ANOTHER problem! Woohoo! You guys can thank google for having ZERO help for any of these problems. ANYWAY it's just a real simple question that hopefully you guys can help me...

Who: Me

What: Alesis iO2 Express is recording fine and giving me pretty good quality... But it's recording slow. I don't mean lag, I mean it's literally slow. As in if you increase the speed by ten percent it gives it a regular sound.

Where: My House

When: Around now.

Why: Please help me figure this out... This is all just plugged in regularly.

I have to still use Audacity until my headphones come in, but this stuff should be working all the same anyway. Help me please :'(
Fair enough.
Can't say i've heard of this before. What samplerate does Audacity record in? And does your interface support it?

If it sounds slow try changing the samplerate to 48kHz. This is all a total guess though lol.
I would bet money on the sample rate thing. The difference between 44.1 khz and 48 khz is.... roughly 10%. If it has a track that is 48 000 cycles per second, and yet plays it back at only 44 100 cycles per second, then it is almost like having a 45 rpm vinyl single being played at 33 and 1/3.

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Alright NOW I FINALLY got back on a computer! Alright let me just start by saying that I did figure this was a problem, and this is a very easy fix...


Here's the problem portion. Let's say I have anything new running on my computer, for example, Double twist or itunes, and then I go to record something, it slows it down automatically. But everything is synched up, so I don't think I should technically have that problem! It's getting on my nerves, though it's very fixable I'd assume...

I'm trying it again on a 48000 hz and it comes out clearly and without any needed change... Is there any problems to this? Like is there a reason why it's not the default recording thing?
Fair enough.
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