I recently got Guitar Pro 6. Of course was very excited, started downloading a bunch of tabs. I start opening them and for some reason, while my guitar (acoustic) is tuned to standard tuning (E A D G B E). All the tabs I download for GP6, even though they all say standard tuning, its like they are all tuned up a sharp. (F A# D# G# C F). Note: The program says it is standard tuning EADGBE. But when i listened to the songs being played and paired the notes with my piano, it was (as said above, tuned up a sharp). Is their anyway that I can change this? So that the tabs are in standard tuning? I know i could just use a capo but the songs are all tuned up, making them to high for singing and people sometimes dont recognize it.

(Example in case I am confusing you) On the GP program...i open a song. On the music sheet, the note is a G. The tablature fingering for the guitar proves its a G also. But when i press play for the music on the program, the sound that comes out is a sharp higher, a G#.

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