Hey guys, Picked up an ibanez RGt42FXQM today off craigslist for 100 bucks (winwinwinwinwin) Thoroughly inspected it before purchase. Neck is straight, no warping, rusting or any signs of misuse or storage in an unsavory place. Just a chip out of the front of the body.

The guitar sounds great, the guy has dimarzio evolutions in it but I can not for the life of me get it to stay in tune. I strung it up with new strings and have stretched them out over and over again in the few hours ive been playing it and it still wont hold a tune.

Its a fixed bridge with start type saddles, all hardware is stock ibanez. Should i upgrade to a graphtech nut/saddles and sperzel tuners to get this to stay in tune? Or are all ibanez's doomed to remain out of tune FOREVER.......
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Check intonation of the guitar. This can often cause a guitar to lose tuning.
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set the intonation and get some gotoh locking tuners. The saddles should be fine as long as there are no burrs or rust on them.
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Are you using a good re-stringing technique? There's a pic in one of the stickies that is really good.
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one thing i do when i restring (trem or not), is cross tune. top string, bottom string, second to top, second to bottom, then you can do the middle in any order.

this is typically advise for a trem, but being that my first guitar was a floyd, it is perminantly embedded in my mind.