OK so school just started and i also now have a job sooo, its been a while since i last wrote anything. Uhh its late and ive been eating candy so the vocals are not that great, yeaahh lol Uhm i wrote this in like 30 mins just to get back into writing, the guitar solos very sloppy too but yeah ENJOY


obviously C4C i love hearing other people

please comment, crit, like, dislike, i dont care, its all to help improve my writing
The chord at the beginning creates a myserious climat .Nothing to say about your singing : I like it ,very expressive,with some variations in the dynamic ,intense moments ,some others are softer ...The chord progression and the melody of the vocal within fits very well together .I appreciate it because I can feel emotions through the whole songs ,and they're not always the same .So this is not linear at all and it stays attractive all along .Even the acoustic guitar developps some different dynamics ,and that ,added with the singing keeps the listener attentivnessed.
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