To make a long story short, I have one...

the issue I have with it is that when it returns to resting position, it waits for a while and then activates a bypass. My old mechanical control one had a gradient to bypass. There's an adjustment screw on the bottom to adjust the bypass wait time, but that's not my problem...I actually don't have a problem, I've learned to keep it idly depressed when I'm soloing, and give it a second before I come back in for the next riff, assuming there is one.

Are all optical control Wah wah pedals like this, or are there nicer ones that have a gradient from effect to bypass?
It would be pretty badass to make a Wah Pedal move just by looking at it.
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It would be pretty badass to make a Wah Pedal move just by looking at it.

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Huh? Never heard of a wah doing that, I just set my Crybaby in one position and it just stays like that forever, until you physically move it.

He may be referring to the Ibanez Weeping Demon or Morley bad Horsie, both of which are springloaded pedals which spring back to a fully 'up' position then automaticall shut off.

or he may have a Behringer Hellbaby Wah, which does the same thing, only badly.

Apologies for the double post.
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