Last night, I had an sudden thought of starting my own band. I've already got a drummer ready.

I've been learning guitar for 2years now. I'm self taught and can play open chords, power chords, entire "Stairway to heaven" and "Hotel California" songs. I can also play couple solos from Guns n roses, Metallica etc.

But the problem is, I don't know much about music theory, scales etc. I havent tried composing my own songs. Right now I want you guys to tell me a few stuff that I HAVE to learn to actually be a good band player.

I'm open to anything guys. Keep the suggestions coming. Thanks in advance
My advice is to learn basic scales and how to build chords. Basic harmony is very helpful. You have got also to learn the fretboard WELL to comunicate with other musicians. Learning songs as you do is not a bad thing- but remember to learn theory to understand them. Learning songs only by your memory is not a good thing!

And practice a lot with metronome. You have to keep the rythm with the drums.

Sorry about my english if its not so easy to understand

Rock on!
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