Hey guys been playing guitar for a few years now and im finally looking to jam and possibly start a band with some friends soooooo I need a new amp because my 15 watt wont cut it, I will be using a Schecter demon 6 on it mostly and playing metal/ drop tuning type music, I was looking at a line 6 75 watt but the guy wanted way to much so now im looking at a Roland cube 60 they're asking around $300 second hand is that a good deal or is the're something else i should be looking for? my budget is probably about $350-400 max.
I'd definitely go with a Roland over a Line 6, especially if it's a spider.
hey OG.

go over the guitar gear and accessories forum here on UG, read the stickied thread by 311zosovhjh and provide that information in a thread there for better advice on amp recommendations.

fwiw, the cube 60 would work, but there are likely other amps that would do as good a job or better for your circumstances.
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